For 878 years, since Sri Ramanuja ascended Parama-padam in 1137 A.D., the 74 simhasana-adipatis & others (Jeers, ekangis, kainkaryaparALs,...) have carried out His instructions dutifully and His Sishya Parampara have greatly advanced the Bhagavat Ramanuja Darshanam, through the combined anugraham of Sriman Narayana, Sri Maha-Lakshmi & Sri Emberumannar.
It is our rightful duty to know well about our Poorvacharyas' praise-worthy & sacred Life & Works, who humbly attained exalted positions in their Sevas.
Yathiraja Mutt was established by Sri Ramanuja around 1090 A.D. and entrusted the first Jeer as Sri Deyshaayee Kelvi Tirunarayana Jeer.
Our present progressive 41st pontiff, Sri Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeer Swami, who is an effective community program manager by Himself, adorned the Peetam on 25.Nov.2014. His practical guidance-insights have culminated in the ongoing mission 'Rush towards Ramanuja' of 10+ diverse projects, since mid-2009, invoking a Transformational change, towards an enhanced understanding of Sri Ramanuja's vision & kindness, among the general public.

Yathiraja Mutt Jeers' Parampara & Vaibhavams

1. Sri Ramanuja 1017-1137 A.D.

Born-Sriperumbudur; ascended Parama-padam at Srirangam;
As a master administrator, strategist, scholar, with divine Grace & diligent acumen, in this Kali-yuga, Sri Ramanujar marshalled the Bhakthi movement, reformed Temples portfolio works, blended both Karma (action) & Jnana (knowledge) in the form of Ubhaya-Vedantic thoughts & Narayana Smarana, preached humanity the Truest Knowledge-Faith of Sri Ranganathar's infinite Bliss, for our Moksha.
Ramanuja handed the Sri Cheluva-Narayana swami Temple Mudra to Sri Deyshayee Jeer, along with the Temple Manual 'Niyamanappadi', for systematic application of Temple activities.

2. Sri Deyshayee/Deshantari Kelvi Tiru-Narayana

Sri Ramanuja appointed Sri Deshayee to the Peetam in 1104, to propagate the Mutt abhivardhanam (growth);
-With Sri Ramanuja's motivating Grace & as enshrined in the rule-book 'Niyamanappadi', this Jeer majestically continued the Nitya Bhagavat Aradhanams in & around the Cheluva Narayana-swami temple.

3. Sri Tiru-Narayana

Jeer honored Parasara Bhattar (one of the most distinuguished preceptors, whom Ramanuja entrusted to perpetuate Sri Vaishnavism) when he came to Melkote in around 1140s;
-Tondanur sishyas donated land to Sri Tiru-Narayana swami temple.

4. Sri Yathiraja

With the temple honouring of 'Sri Narayana Patta', he assumed the Peetam ('Peetam sveekar') in 1186
Donated Nanda-Deepam to the Lord; many charitable works was being executed.

5. Sri Yadugiri Narayana

-He received with honor the Ramanuja Mudra (seal of authority) & ascended the Peetam in 1221.
-In 1225-60, Perumal Danda-nayaka family donated lands to Tiru-vanna Perumal ('Namada Garuda'); -They also laid passage from Ramanuja Sannidhi till the kitchen.

6. Sri Ramanuja Jeer

-Around 1320-5, Sri Vedanta Desika performed Mangalashasanam to Sri Tiru-Narayana swami;
-In 1368, as SriVaishnavism was gaining ground in S.India (Melkote, Srirangam, Kanchi, Tirupati), Jain ruler Bhukkana convened a meeting of SriVaishnavite leaders, to take care of the Jains too; he honoured the invitees well.

7. Sri Yathiraja Ramanuja

-In around 1457, Melkote was totally devastated by foreign invasions;
-Renovated Sudarshan chakrath-alvar Sannidhi till Thaayaar Sannidhi, with a corridor;
-Mysore ruler Immadi established 'Sri Ramanuja Koota', providing food for pilgrims-Bhagavathas.

17. Sri Vedanti Ramanuja-muni

-He ascended the Peetam in 1519.
-In 1519, Sripati Sreshti donated funds for temple Tadeeyaradhanams;
-Probably one of the earliest scholarly Yathiraja Mutt Jeers; penned many Sri Sookthis of which 4 are known;
-'ashta-sloki commentary'- 36th Jeer has printed-published this rare vyakhyanam;
-'Divyasuri prabhava dipika'; 2 lost ('Nirhetu-kathva dipika', 'Kaivalya dipika').

18. Sri Sampath-kumara Ramanuja

-He ascended the Peetam in 1565; -Tadeeyaradhanams increased with good donations, by way of the organized 'Batayi' collections, from the locals as land tax; -SriVaishnavism's generosity & community services were appreciated by common folks around; -Mysore king Raja Wodeyar highly impressed with the SriVaishnavites, installed 4 Entrance Pillars in the 4 directions of Melkote; he also donated 'Raja Mudi' to Sri Tiru-Narayana swami.

19. Sri Narayana Ramanuja

-He collected the older Guru-Parampara granthas & published them; -Puja idols collected from other places, kept in the Mutt, were now put to daily use.

20. Sri Sampath-kumara Ramanuja

This great dynamic scholar started Sanskrit & Vedic schools, inside a cowshed complex & thus rejuvenated the Guru-Sishya tradition of learning.

23. Sri Kunigal Bahu-kutumbi;(Narayana Ramanuja)

-He continued to celebrate Sri Tiru-Narayana swami festivities with grandeur;
-His family lineage of Vedic scholars continues in Melkote;
-He attained Paramapadam (entered His Brindavanam) in 1822.

24. Tondanur Prativadi Bhayankara Singra Iyengar(Sampath-kumara)

-He ascended Peetam in 1822. Chaturmasa-18;
-His highly astounding Sri Bhashya & Tiruvoymoli Kalakshepams included an assemblage of vibrant scholars
-Kumara Achinga Iyengar, Kandadai Doddacharya, Kumara Singlacharya, Maha-bhashyam Natampalli Singlacharya, Stanikam Koil Nambi Periappa, Vedanta Narasimhachar, Kanchi Tiru-Venkatachar, Amruthoora Srinivas Iyengar, Sri Ramanuja-muni Tirumalachar, Vadyar Kethanahalli Venkatachar, Tondanur Stanikam Srinivas Iyengar, Kodae Singlacharya, Kandadai Govindachar, Anandam-pillai Tirumalacharya.
-He attained Paramapadam on 20.12.1839.

25. Thittumel Anand-alvar

-He continued with his Divya Prabandham kalakshepams; Chaturmasa-10;
-For effective Mutt administration, he appointed Tondanur P.B.Appalachar;
-He attained Paramapadam in 1849.

27. Chinna Naateri Varadachar

-Born in Kanchi of Kandadai family; very learned scholar; with his brother Ramanujachar came to Melkote;
-Vastly improved the Mutt - admin streamlined by Tondanur P.B. Appalachar, Krishnakumar Venkatachar, Singalachar;
-In 1856, toured N.India and acquired sishyas, elephants, horses with regal grandeur, across Himalayas, Badrikashram, Rajasthan-Baroda, Bikaner, Jaipur, Darbanga, etc;
-In 1859, Rewa ruler Raghuraja-Simha Jhudev invited him with honors; as king was childless, Jeer through Mantra-dhyanam, helped the king to beget a son; Jeer named him Venkataramana simha;
-The jubiliant king established a 'Mutt' at Govinda-Ghad, for our Jeer;
-First Jeer to attain Paramapadam in North India at Govind-Ghad;
-He attained Paramapadam on 1.9.1890.

28. Mudigumbham Krishnayyan Venkatachar

-Born in 1814 and attained Paramapadam on 17.6.1874; Chaturmasa-7;
-He ascended the Peetam in 1867;
-He continued Kalakshepams & upanyasams to his sishyas.

30. Natampalli Ala-Singrachar

-great scholar & researched in Vedas; performed Mangalashasanam at Sri Parthasarathi Temple, Madras;
-in 1882, returned to Melkote with Vidwan Venkatachar; then toured Karnataka-Shimoga, Andhra;
-Vijayanagar king Bobbili raja honoured him; Chaturmasa-10;
-He attained Paramapadam on 24.3.1886 at Sri Kurmam, Andhra Pradesh..

31.Natampalli Tiru-Narayana Perumal

-Born on 22.6.1800. He ascended the Peetam on 24.3.1886; Chaturmasa-2;
-Vedic scholar par excellence; toured Rewa, blessed the king for his Mutt services;
-He attained Paramapadam on 3.8.1887 at Nagpur.

32. Jeer Sannidhi Tirumalachar

-His poorvashram name- U.Ve.Varadachar; Chaturmasa-14;
-very sattvik & gentle in nature;
-highly erudite Vedic scholar, who researched & published many of his son-in-law Yogi Parthasarathi Iyengar's books;
-Prof.Gustav, Presidency College & Paul Deussen had frequent scholarly consultations with him;
-went to Rewa; the king honoured him; then to Himalayas- Badri, Hyderabad, Bangalore & returned to Melkote;
-again toured North India; did Chaturmasa at Tehri;
when Vidwan Asuri Anand-alvar (future 36th Jeer) was honoured by Baroda & Rewa rulers, he inivited this exceptional scholar to Rewa Mutt;
-He ascended Peetam in 10.1887;
-He was a Committee member of Conference of World Religions-11.9.1893, Chicago, US;
-He attained Paramapadam on 28.10.1901;

33. Chinna-kumara Singalachar

-Born on 11.5.1829 at Melkote; later relocated to Madras Mutt; lots of sishyas-Abhimanis had his Anugrahams;
-He ascended the Peetam on 23.1.1902; Chaturmasa-6;
toured extensively & collected Samarpanams/funds for Mutt;
-toured Kanpur, Lucknow with more sishyas & came to Ayodhya in 1902, to perform Mangalashasanam of the newly constructed
'Darba Shayana' Sri Rama Temple, near Sarayu river, donated by Yogi Parthasarathi Iyengar;
-in 1903, performed Mangalashasanam at Malleswaram Sri Venu-gopala swami Temple, Bangalore;
-He attained Paramapadam on 26.11.1907;

34. Kutti Thambi Damodaran Ala-Singrachar

-Born on 24.4.1846 of Anand-alvar lineage; He ascended the Peetam on 12.7.1908; Chaturmasa-5;
-erudite scholar who further assisted the published works of Yogi P.Iyengar (Smrtis, Dharma Shastras, Itihasas, Kavya, Nataka);
-as directed by his previous guru Nellore Kumara Jeer, he ascended the Peetam, at age 62;
-started Divya Prabandhams school; with help of Tippani Ala-singrachar, the Mutt walls were decorated with many Divya Desam vigrahas; He attained Paramapadam on 13.6.1913.

35. Kope Venkatachar

-He ascended Peetam on 12.7.1913; he learnt Medical Science under Ramanujachar, brother of 32nd Jeer;
-on 7.4.1914, Mysore Dewan Visvesvaraya-?? met Jeer and was immensely pleased;
-on 15.7.1915, Mysore King with family came to Melkote and took Jeer's blessings;
-on 31.7.1915, Ubhaya Vedanta school was built with his Kalakshepams; arranged stipends, food, shelter for pupils;
-his poorvashram relatives helped to continue the Mutt services & constructed the stone-paved pathway to Ashta-tirtha;
-after he attained Paramapadam, a 10-day Brindavanam Puja was performed with great honors, to commemorate his industrious Mutt services in a span of 4 challenging years. He attained Paramapadam on 5.7.1917.

36. Asuri Anand-alvar (Sampath-kumara)

-Born on 24.2.1859. He ascended the Peetam on 11.2.1921; Chaturmasa-22;
-The pan-India fame of Yathiraja Mutt was firmly established by this Jeer- truly exceptional scholar-poet who disseminated knowledge, in all conferences & in his tours/sancharams & greatly appreciated by all other Northern India scholars & National leaders.
-He is significantly credited as the world's first sanskrit scholar to unearth Bhasa's work 'Svapna-vasava datta' to the world;
-Apart from being an expert in Indian metallurgy & chemistry, he has critically researched, edited & published more than 100+ works.
-in 1956, his 97th Tiru-nakshatram was well commemorated with a fairly good difficult compilation of Yathiraja Mutt Jeers in a Kannada Book 'Sri Yadavagiri Jeernodhara' by the 40th Jeer & Asuri Sampath-kumarachar.

-Just like the 35th Jeer, a 10-day Brindavanam Puja was performed with great honors, to extol his scholarly exuberance, perpetuating Sanatana Dharma & Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam in improving the Mutt administration.
-He attained Paramapadam on 17.5.1943.

37. Vidwan Krishnakumar Koothadi Tiru-Venkatachar

-Born on 16.12.1885; He followed a very high degree of religious discipline; Chaturmasa-10;
-As an Ekangi for 25 years, stayed at Melkote & Srirangam giving Kalakshepams; He ascended the Peetam in 1944.
-Was instrumental in mobilizing regular funds to Melkote Bhagavat Kainkaryams & Bangalore branch building construction;
-He attained Paramapadam at Srirangam.

38.Vidwan Ramanujapuram Anandam-pillai Ayyan Iyengar

-Born in 1888. He is a direct descendant of Tirumala Anand-alvan lineage;
-He ascended Peetam on 5.7.1954;
-In 1928, at All India Religious Conference, Kashi, participated as Mutt scholar representative, along with 36th Jeer & Devashikamani Ramanuja Iyengar;
-for sishyas protection-welfare & Vishishtadvaita propagation, he undertook a national tour;
-with religious fervor, he continued his nitya kainkaryams of Tadeeyaradhanams & Kalakshepams, and managed to run the Mutt admin smoothly;
-'Vishishtadvaita Vedanta Prachara'- book that refines the Guru-Sishya Upadesham processes acc. to Time-Place-Future;
-'Sampradaya Deepike'- essence of Upanishads; He attained Paramapadam on 20.12.1970.

39.Vidwan Ramanuja-muni Narayana Iyengar

-Born on 10.7.1901 at Melkote to a dynamic Divya Prabandham Goshti lineage of Vidwan Narasimhachar, he expounded Tiruvoymoli through delightful recitals; acquired proficiency in all our Sampadaya texts & in playing Veena too, which he composed during Selva-pillai & Sri Tiru-Narayana festivities;
-as a 'Parama-rasika', he was even compared to Perialvar, Tondaradi-podi alvar & Tiruppan alvar, by Tirumala U.Ve.Nallan Ramakrishna Iyengar;
-one of the most purposeful Preceptor of Perfection in all his humble sevas, both in his poorvashram & as a versatile Matadi-pati, he seamlessly addressed many challenges, with a child-like enthusiasm. He ascended Peetam in 1.1971.
-His 8+ years was exceptionally eventful in Yathiraja Mutt history, in terms of Change management with Mutt-Temple renovations, networking, knowledge dissemination, Bhagavat Kainkaryams & Bhaagavatha services;
-the whole SriVaishnava community must be ever aware of his multi-farious activities-contributions, who nurtured the thought of 'simple living with high thinking & immense compassion'. He attained Paramapadam on 10.5.1979.

40.Asuri Srinivasa Iyengar

Son of 36th Jeer, born in 1908; He ascended Peetam on 29.5.1981;
A devout great scholar, affable polyglot with specialization in Geography, Temple architecture, Maths, Astronomy;
As a prolific chronicler, he enriched Kannada literature with many important works, invaluable to current researchers;
Texts include detailed study of history, inscriptions, art, traditions on Temples- Melkote Sri Tiru-Narayana swami, Srirangapatna Ranganatha swami, Tondanur Sri Lakshmi-Narayana swami, Srirangam Sri-Ranganatha, etc. He attained Paramapadam on 14.4.2005.

41.Sri Yatiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeer Swamiji

Born on 25.8.1949 at Bangalore; He ascended Peetam on 25.11.2014;
Almost 10 years later, an Inner Transformation seems to have been ordained for Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt, as desired by Sriman Narayana's Sankalpam & Leela-vibuthi. Just like the 39th Jeer, our Asmat Acharyan, with his effacing charisma, evident audarya, vibrant outreach, is executing all his laudable Sevas, as a steering catalyst & cultural ambassador, in these modern times, and showering his blessings-'Sakala Kshema' on all of us.
This momentous milestone of one year, must be a motivating factor for us sishyas-Abhimanis to be key-enablers, in promoting our Jeer's Sevas immeasurably, just as Sriman Narayana's auspicious qualities. Our prayers are for the present Jeer's longevity-capacity, to continue his due diligence for decades & beyond like Sri Ramanuja, and shine as long as the Sun & stars are there. Please visit our website to have a look of our tireless Jeer's First year of Peetam Activites; Many are part of the ongoing mission 'Rush towards Ramanuja' projects.

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